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Green Mountain Coffee is something everyone should try!


I want to work out again :)

So I am 97lbs and mostly flab lol.  It is all from Kenzie and it has been there for 6 years.  I really want to turn a new leaf and work out and get healthy.  My husband buys those body building books/powders/vitamins and has really gotten toned up!  I just wish I could look that good one day.

So I plan to work out everyday starting tomorrow.  Even if it is just crunches or jumping jacks at least it is something.  I want to start running in the mornings too but I don’t know how long that will last lol honestly though I need to commit to it.  I have a biggest loser workout that I want to start doing again and I have already asked hubby to help me get my body back.  There’s something special when a couple works out together and helps motivate each other to reach their goals.

So world, if you have goals sitting on the back burner I urge you to move them to the front and cook away! You will feel ten times better once you have started them and continue following through. 

Her quilt in progress :)

I am currently working on Kenzie’s quilt.  It took me a good minute to figure out how I wanted t do it.  There were times where I wanted to throw something because it wasn’t coming out how I imagined it.  I took a few days off and now I finally see where it is going!  Quilts are no easy thing to put together, let me tell ya they are hard!  It’s alot of precision cutting and patience.Image  Which I don’t have either of lol but I am getting there.

I like to crank up Pandora and just get in my zone.  So far I have 3 pinwheels and I need to start cutting out the white border for them.  I am crossing my fingers they come out how I want.  If not, I might need a glass of wine or two to gather my thoughts haha

I’m turning 27 today!


May 15, 1985 I was born at 3:21 pm.  I will be 27 and it’s a little scary to know you are that much closer to 30.  I have to work tomorrow but I hope hubby can bring me a cupcake since he works nights and we wont be able to spend my birthday together.  I honestly never imagined myself in this place in time when I was younger.  I never wanted kids and I wanted to be a manager at a bank.  Now I am a sahm to dd who is in kinder lol.

I went back to school for medical admin and I am doing my extern hours now.  I am seriously thinking about going to nursing school in the fall.  I have big dreams and goals in life for me and my family.  I just hope I can achieve them and make my hubby and dd proud of me.  I am so blessed to have a loving husband who understands my passion for a career and a dd who loves me for me 🙂

But mom!

So Kenzie loves to use the xbox to watch netflix.  It didn’t want to work last week so I told her to turn it off and then back on.  It still didn’t want to work so I told her to do it again.  She got frustrated, threw her arms up and said “MOM I already did that!  It’s asking me for my name, email and I don’t even have a phone number mom!”  All with her hands flying everywhere and attitude haha I couldn’t help but laugh.  I love this kid 🙂