I want to work out again :)

So I am 97lbs and mostly flab lol.  It is all from Kenzie and it has been there for 6 years.  I really want to turn a new leaf and work out and get healthy.  My husband buys those body building books/powders/vitamins and has really gotten toned up!  I just wish I could look that good one day.

So I plan to work out everyday starting tomorrow.  Even if it is just crunches or jumping jacks at least it is something.  I want to start running in the mornings too but I don’t know how long that will last lol honestly though I need to commit to it.  I have a biggest loser workout that I want to start doing again and I have already asked hubby to help me get my body back.  There’s something special when a couple works out together and helps motivate each other to reach their goals.

So world, if you have goals sitting on the back burner I urge you to move them to the front and cook away! You will feel ten times better once you have started them and continue following through. 


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