I’m turning 27 today!


May 15, 1985 I was born at 3:21 pm.  I will be 27 and it’s a little scary to know you are that much closer to 30.  I have to work tomorrow but I hope hubby can bring me a cupcake since he works nights and we wont be able to spend my birthday together.  I honestly never imagined myself in this place in time when I was younger.  I never wanted kids and I wanted to be a manager at a bank.  Now I am a sahm to dd who is in kinder lol.

I went back to school for medical admin and I am doing my extern hours now.  I am seriously thinking about going to nursing school in the fall.  I have big dreams and goals in life for me and my family.  I just hope I can achieve them and make my hubby and dd proud of me.  I am so blessed to have a loving husband who understands my passion for a career and a dd who loves me for me 🙂


But mom!

So Kenzie loves to use the xbox to watch netflix.  It didn’t want to work last week so I told her to turn it off and then back on.  It still didn’t want to work so I told her to do it again.  She got frustrated, threw her arms up and said “MOM I already did that!  It’s asking me for my name, email and I don’t even have a phone number mom!”  All with her hands flying everywhere and attitude haha I couldn’t help but laugh.  I love this kid 🙂